Monday, April 10, 2017


There it is... Our new website, beautifully designed by Mark Moget from ÜBERHAUPT! Feel free to have a browse around and let us know what you think.

Replacing this blogger, the new site also features a blog, which will be frequently updated .

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Working with graphics and web design prodigy Mark Moget from is always a pleasure. Expect to see a completely new website up in about a month...

Monday, October 10, 2016

We keep on moving...

Our rental period for the studio at the Blekersdijk turned out to be short lived due to external circumstances tracing all the way down to oil prices... Luckily we found a new very nice place just one block away, please record the following new address:
Dubbeldamseweg 58
NL 3311LX Dordrecht

To some this may read Double Damn Swag. That might be so. Pictures after unboxing!

Stick Shift run through

Ocean Rodeo's Ned de Beck smooth talks the Kite Mag through the 2017 gear line up.
Bump to 6:14 for the big news of the show, proudly invented, designed and engineered by from the initial idea starting in 2009: The Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift bar with PU tube stopper!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Stick Shift

Today r3 released their back line trimming kite control bar at the Surf Expo. I could not be more excited, after having worked on this since 2009.

Why the excitement:
Normally, 4 line kite surfing kites are trimmed by the front lines. Shortening the front lines depowers the kite a bit, while lengthening the front lines powers the kite up. When conditions change, kite surfers like to trim their bar a bit to keep control of their kite and to maintain a comfortable riding stance.
Trimming the front lines has become the standard since the introduction of 4 line kites to the surf industry some 15 years ago. Front line trimming systems are far from perfect. For instance, the pull on on the front lines is 95% of the total pull from the kite, meaning that trimming happens against this force. If a front line trim system fails, the kite will default to full power, which can be dangerous during a heavy gust. From a designers point of view, front line trimming systems impair further development of safer and more functional kite gear.

Stick Shift  
The Stick Shift bar incorporates a back line trim function that allows precise and comfortable trimming from the bar. The patented core includes a single moving part as micro winch, engineered around the sand, salt and debris usually found in and around kite gear.
Power the kite up by twisting the small yet grippy winder, depower the kite just by nudging the winder knob out for 1cm of depower trim or by pressing the winder knob out for full depower trim.

I am super proud to see how all the work results in a rock solid and safe product, and I have so much enjoyed all the design sessions together with the r3 designers. Thanks guys!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Coolest ever?

Catsailingnews starts the full press release of the new DNA F1 off with a big caption: "A-Class: DNA 2016 'F1': Coolest Sailboat ever Built"...

Quite a statement! Well, we tried very hard. I'm certainly liking the editors comment "...but they have targeted the full on package, Mischa, PJ & Rudo went Nuts designing & building this..."

Photo credits go to Holland Composites managing partner Thijs van Riemsdijk. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

New dna revealed...

more to follow...
Watch design team member and crash test dummy Mischa Heemskerk smoke upwind in foiling mode here!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

bruu™ travel coffee maker ready to hit the market!

We came across this idea when trying to make coffee with the Ø6cm coffee pods* - without the coffee machine they're originally designed for. Attempts started with forks and spoons, and soon evolved into an array of prototypes in various mostly overly complex designs.
This simple design however makes the best tasting cup, in all honesty much better tasting than from the machines. bruu™ allows you to massage the coffee grounds contained in the pods, bringing out the essential flavors and aroma's. And at 15 grams probably the lightest coffee maker around!
We'll be selling it online and through selected retail channels under the bruu™ brand name. Available from June 2016. For information mail us at

* available in NW Europe. Best results with 100% Arabica ground.


Monday, January 11, 2016

Diamonds and perfume

are two things I don't deal with on a daily basis...
As design consultant you sometimes get involved in a part of a design and then miss out on the final product. In this case a super luxurious perfume bottle designed by Belgian jewelry designer Peter Vercauteren. Through his clients company Nouard from Antwerp he invited me to design the waterproofing construction.
Today, after 10 years, I received this image of the final result and it's totally awesome...

New A-class hull flying in at low altitude

Tension is building around the release of the new 2016 DNA A-Class catamaran I'm currently designing with Pieterjan Dwarshuis, Mischa Heemskerk and some great help from Mikko Brummer. This will be a super interesting platform to try the endless stream of good and bad ideas from the DNA design team on for the following years!
Here's the automotive inspired banner ad we released today to Woooooooooo...

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bigger, biggest...

A new series of large catamarans is being designed for Gunboat. The 65', 72' and 77' are designed concurrently and share a number of innovations such as fold-down transoms, tender garage and an improved sail handling area.
enserinkdesign is proud to be in charge of the industrial design part, in a team further including naval architects and engineers.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Smash hit!

The G4 has been launched - literally. Last month the G4 crew got it working, and participated in two well known sailing regattas. While st Barth was good, chasing 20x more expensive ocean racing trimaran Phaedo3, Antigua brought in the first cup with just bullets and after applying handicap all but one firsts.
Helicopters, drones, GoProes, there's hours and hours of great video available, here's a selection on the below links:

Official GUNBOAT video:

Victoriously capsizing:

Dreamy arial shots:

Antigua race by Shannon Falcone:

Supertechnical analyses by Kai:

Apart from full-on racing as displayed by helm Mischa Heemskerk in the above video's, the G4 is very well capable of cruising as it has a safe mode which is still very fast.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New address

We've moved!
There's a two storey building in the back, for both the design studio and the prototype workshop. Commute is now down to 5 meter. Coffee available!

Blekersdijk 73
3011 LD Dordrecht
T: +31 78 8438613 | M: +31 6 54678145

Monday, April 6, 2015

G4 flight!

Just in: the first pictures showing the G4 in full stable foiling mode!

The design of hull 01 provides three dagger-board slots. Initial testing has been done with the aft slots, now the forward slots are used. This seems to provide the required balance for stable flight.
Hats off to DNA design team colleagues Pieter Jan Dwarshuis and Mischa Heemskerk, and Sven Janssen from Holland composites who have worked so hard in the St. Maarten sun to finalize this epic design project.
Today foiling a catamaran became a little less hardcore!

Monday, February 23, 2015

More G4

Next picture she'll sail. Or better, fly.
Proudly designed by Pieter Jan Dwarshuis (structure, construction, sailing aspects, molding concepts), Mischa Heemskerk (foiling stuff), Doug Schickler (naval architecture, certification), Peter Johnstone (original idea) and Rudo Enserink (concepts, interior, exterior design, hull concepts, 3D CAD, nuts and bolts).
Hull 01 will be off to the Caribbean in two weeks...
photo by Thijs van Riemsdijk

Friday, November 14, 2014

G4 building goes as planned

We're getting to the point it starts to look like a boat. Or airplane.

Biosparq concept

In between all G4 designing performed a series of design studies for bio tech startup Biosparq.
A portable bio-analyzer that quickly scans materials, liquids and air for dangerous bacteria and other bio-threads, and matches the profiles with a huge database. Useful for medical (diagnosis) and military (in bio-warfare cases) use, it is completely standalone and independent from lab conditions.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Vigatar kickstarted

Bringing fun to the exercise, that's what Herman Rijks idea was all about. We spend some time sketching and designing, and Herman has put an lot of effort in laying out the business side of this full body work out game controller.
Now on Kickstarter. Go Herman!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

New G4 video

This videos was released about a month ago, showing lots of details of this exciting yacht.

Gunboat G4 design preview from Holland Composites BV on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

G4 will sail!

Although designing is a fun job, having something actually become a product is the icing on the cake. Whether it's only a smart part of a product, or a complete project from ideation to manufacturing with improvements and variations on later issues, and sometimes even marketing support, it's always great news to hear something will be made.
The gunboat G4 will be build, hull 001 will set sail by the end of the summer for delivery to the Caribbean. Here's a picture of her waiting patiently in some frosty digital water...
I'm not sure if this paint job will make it to production - hope not.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Gunboat G4 revealed

Today the first images of the all new Gunboat G4 are published. This is a great moment for us at the DNA design team in which is proud to play a key role translating all requirements and ideas in to an awesome boat design. We're specifically happy with the extremely low light ship weight of under 2400kg for a 12+m boat.
Although a lot of work still needs to be done, I already congratulate Peter Johnstone and his Gunboat team with the youngest member of their impressive range of large sailing catamarans. It is an absolute honour to be working with you!
I'm also totally delighted to be working with Holland Composites, convinced as I am that you guys will be turning out G4's by the numbers in superb quality. Pieter Jan, I heard you say these boats are actually airplanes - I'm sure this thing will fly some day.

be sure to watch this in HD and full screen!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Meanwhile at the bar...

I came across this great picture by Linn Svendsen of perennial Ocean Rodeo pro rider Jérémie Tronet in the last edition of Kite World magazine and decided to put it up here.
In this shot he's pulling a very low F16, or "unhooked back-roll with kite loop", a very fast and powerful move that oozes style if done correctly.
While he may not have invented this one, he did invent the "Jezus Walk", which certainly ranks as one of the craziest tricks in kiteboarding.
In this shot Jéré rides 2013 Razor kite, 2012 free-style bar and his signature 2013 JT Pro board.
Over the past year I have worked closely with Ocean Rodeo Sports Inc. on new kite control system stuff, more on this later.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

J-boards make catamarans fly

Following the developments in the large and tech-dominated 72ft America's Cup, the small single pilot A-Cats are now made ready to fly over the water like hydrofoils.
The 2013 release of the super successful (around 200 sold as I write this) DNA A-Cat features "J-boards", or dagger boards curved in such a way they can effectively lift both hulls off the surface.
Now that would have been a relatively easy case of copycatism if the box rules for these hot little cats didn't insist on "beach launch-ability", meaning that the dagger-boards have to be lowered in to and through the hulls top down.
A complex shaped dagger board with a matching top loading box have been designed and tested. Initial tests indicate the system works and provides plenty of lift in light and medium conditions, if combined with the rudder winglets for trim and stabilization.

All new hulls have been prepared with the new boxes and DIY sets of boxes, J-dagger boards and rudder winglets are currently being made available as after market service for those who already own a DNA cat.

Update 150515: Mischa Heemskerk smoking down wind.

Follow Adavanced Racing Catamarans here.

Friday, August 31, 2012


LED technology is set to replace most other types of illumination within fewer years than one might think, as price and technology obstacles are currently being dealt with at an impressive pace.
Designed in 2011/12 for Southern French luminaire manufacturer Dietal, the "Dicri" features a built-in driver and +/-10° beam optics. An aluminum extruded body capped with polycarbonate head and tail parts make for a sturdy construction and a sleek and compact look, while providing sufficient heat emmiting surface to cool the driver and high power light engine.

At a competing price, almost endless lifespan and a very high lumen to Watt efficacy it is replacing halogen based spots in shop lighting.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pickwick Cup Chair spotted in the wild

This chair, based on an idea by Amsterdam advertising agency Lemz, and loosely inspired by shapy glassed furniture from the seventies, is designed in 2010. I must say I wasn't very involved in sourcing and manufacturing once the design was finalized, so I was surprised to see the product alive and well in a Czech sweepstakes announcement.
A fun project for sure, and congratulations to the winners!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tigerfix production has started!

Tiger Products BV, the leading European bathroom accessory provider, has embraced Surface Anchor  technology for fixing their high quality products without drilling.
By now, the first batches of adhesive filled cartridges have been delivered while the first products are expected to land in the stores by February 2012.

This has been a very long road for a such a simple idea, and I am delighted to see that all our joint efforts and patience have resulted in a high quality and effective fastening product that can seriously challenge drilled solutions.
What it is is best described in this video, where we can see the Surface Anchor technology at work in a "Tigerfix" wall mount plate.

Surface Anchor technology is available for many fixing challenges on a vast range of substrates including metals, ceramics, concrete, stone, thermosetting and lots of  plastics, including PA and PP (!).
Curing times can be as fast as 10 minutes, depending on the adhesive-substrate combination.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NORLED ALPHA line of down light spots introduced

LED lighting manufacturer NORLED introduces their ALPHA range of downlight products starting with the ALPHA 85 range, available in up to 1150lm.
Future proof housing designs with excellent heat management and optical design, as well as the latest ceramic PCB and diffusive polymer technologies will ensure state of the art efficacy and economy for years to come.
With LED sources exceeding 230 lm/W in lab conditions and 131 lm/W commercially available, the LED revolution is definitely going on. is very proud to be part of this as styling, design and engineering consultant.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

News page continued as blog


From now on news items on my website can be followed here. I have anti-dated some older items and placed them below. Thanks for viewing!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New design studio in place

After months of reconstruction I finally settled in my new studio. As a work in progress it needs finishing, but I'm totally delighted already. A 30m2 design studio, 30m2 prototyping workshop and large archive space will provide me with facilities to focus on product development and engineering effectively!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Go Joe Pro Kite board retrieval utility

Kite surfers can loose their board in high speed crashes or during aerials. Most of the time it's easy to get back to the board but sometimes the rider is too far away from the board to spot and maneuver back to it.
This can lead to a long swim and loss of some pricey equipment, not always without danger.

Here's a presentation of a design study conducted with Ocean Rodeo Inc from Canada. They have been selling inflatable versions of the Go Joe succesfully, this Pro version introduces a compact flip-up design.

short video clip:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Advanced Racing Catamarans > DNA A-class catamaren

"DNA" Racing Catamaran designed and engineered together with top sailors Pieter Jan Dwarshuis and Arno Terra off for succes!
This has been one of the most challenging projects so far. With Pieter Jan and Arno firing requirements, cross sections and weight/volume distributions at me, it wasn't easy to keep all the "continuous curvature" constraints needed for a super fast hull in place. Using thinkdesign, one of the most advanced surface modeling CAD programs around, was absolutely key in turning the design out well. Eventually, very little compromise was made towards the raw design objectives from these sailors.
As racing titles have been won, and even more will follow, I'm very proud to have worked on this project.
Good winds to you guys!
Read the DNA blog here.
photo by ©Eva Fagnoli

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NORLED lighting product range

NORLED is becoming a leading provider of LED lighting solutions for architectural purposes.

range of Ø50mm spots


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maakbare Wereld exposition

Graduation work on display at 40th anniversary of Delft University of Technology, Faculty for Industrial Design Engineering
"Maakbare Wereld", Kunsthal Rotterdam, 21 12 2009 - 19 03 2010
The guitar displayed here is one of the prototypes built to prove a new carbon fiber reinforced ceramic building method, plus some innovations to the tuning and string management.
Being invited for this exhibition really means a lot to me, as I have very good memories of this graduation project and the people supporting me back in 1991. Even though the graduation went perfectly well, the event itself took on a completely different course when my father collapsed and died during the presentation.
After the exhibition, the prototype will be added to the permanent collection of the TU Delft/industrial design section.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

> Kite control system designed for Ocean Rodeo Sports Inc. using thinkdesign 2009.1
OR bar
web article

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aerocat Tigris full plastic airline catering trolley

Huge weight, cost and handling advantages over riveted alloy carts, assisted with construction advice, ergonomics and styling:

Monday, December 1, 2008

KYUBE huising units

KYUBE huising units for Holland Composites Industrials - These light weight composite housing units allow for instant building. Various sizes comply with the latest requirements for semi permanent and permanent building.